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Quatrefoil Guest Book Frame

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Quatrefoil Design Guest Book - Drop Top - Drop Box - Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Guests sign the wood hearts and drop them into the classically elegant and modern wedding guest book.

24" x 24"

Holds approximately:
205 - 1.5" (small) wood hearts
125 - 2" (regular) wood hearts
85 - 2.5" (large) wood hearts

Handmade in the USA.

Keep in mind that many guests attend as couples/families, and typically represent one heart. …This is helpful to consider when making size selections.

Plexiglas is easily removed with a few screws to allow for re-positioning of hearts and cleaning. Personalization is placed onto the clear plexi glass on the outside so it is not covered by the hearts

♥ Wood framed dropbox
♥ Personalization of your names and date
♥ Size and quantity of hearts selected

Monogram etiquette:
For a couple: lady's first name initial, family last name initial, gentleman's first initial (i.e.: Louise and Bill Smith would be LSB)